Second Story

Libbie Mill Library

Making the Past Present

We made learning about local history transcendent, personal, and place-based.

One of America’s oldest counties was opening a new public library and wanted to celebrate their local history inside its walls. Second Story’s response was bold: a community destination that envelops and transports citizens through layers of hidden history all around.

A semicircular steel sculpture with seven integrated displays elegantly frames an interactive table. Stepping inside, visitors explore powerful narratives that remind them that history is made by ordinary people, just like them.

The installation sheds light on visitors’ shared past, connects historic stories to real places they see everyday, and inspires everyone to help shape their collective future.

It was intimate, transporting, I felt like people could really engage in that space and sort of lose themselves for a period of time.
Kim Sicola
Supervisor of History Programs and Operations
Communication Arts InteractiveMerit
Communicator AwardsSilver
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