Second Story

Legacy UnionCelebrating a City

This media-art commission honors the power of people and place.

To mark the opening of a milestone real estate project in Charlotte, we created “Unify”, an atmospheric, generative artwork.

Legacy Union, a 10-acre, mixed-use development is intended to be a community gathering place that pays homage to Charlotte’s past while celebrating the promise of its future. “Unify” brings this idea to life on a massive scale in the lobby of the property’s inaugural building.

Its ever-changing swirl of colors reflects the vibrancy of a city where all the right elements are coalescing to form something new and beautiful. Driven by a complex algorithm, the behavior of each pixel influences the others around it—color, movement, and sound recombine in a complex and interconnected dance. The algorithm is a metaphor for community: where we are is part of who we are—we affect, and are affected by, the actions of everyone around us.

While helping to establish the literal atmosphere of Legacy Union, the artwork also sets the emotional tone, inviting Charlotte to observe a new chapter of its civic history, as it’s unfolding.

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