Second Story

Emory UniversityMaking Historic Walls Talk

If the walls of the oldest building on campus could talk, what would they say?

This was the premise behind an architecturally-embedded storytelling system we designed for Emory University in conjunction with the renovation of a one-time campus centerpiece. Throughout Convocation Hall—now home to the university president—thoughtfully integrated canvases turn walls into portals for exploring campus culture and Emory’s impact on the global community.

In the foyer, a large digital mosaic, whose form mimics the building’s unique patchworked marble exterior, welcomes students, faculty, and visitors. Modern media mosaics continue throughout the interior—passage through ordinary hallways becomes an immersive encounter with current campus happenings.

In the former office of the chancellor, the artfully etched panels of an analog mosaic invite visitors to slow down, lean in, and learn about the building’s past lives in the whisper of the original wooden wainscoting. With its innovative fusion of past and present, Convocation Hall has once again become a forward-looking showpiece for Emory University.

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