Second Story

Denver Botanic Gardens

Awakening the Senses

Can an exhibit connect you more deeply with the natural world? We designed a responsive space that brings the outside in.

“Learning to See” is an interactive wonderland where visitors use their bodies and senses to unlock content and connect more deeply with plant life and science.

Physical forms inspired by the local Colorado landscape lend the hi-tech space a distinctive character, at once familiar and otherworldly. Sheets of edge-lit acrylic teach visitors about ecosystems and elevation. Visitors turn dials, peer into peepholes, and use their bones as speakers to discover their interconnectedness with the botanic world.

The lighting in the space is driven by real-time weather data. As wind speed and temperature change, so does the mood of the space, making the exhibit a living, breathing reflection of the natural forces and cycles outside.

It goes beyond being an interactive space between object and human, as it pulls information from the outside as an additional layer of interaction. Fantastically done both in technology and in design.
Bryony Gomez-Palacio
SEGD Global Design Awards juror
Pixel AwardsWinner
SEGD Global Design AwardsMerit
HOW International Design AwardsMerit
Communicator AwardsSilver
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