100 Years of Design

Since 1914, AIGA has brought “design to the world, and the world to designers.” Creative Director David Waingarten offers a peek behind the curtain at our most recent collaboration with the organization: a microsite in honor of its 100th birthday.

On Light & Lyt

Using Intel’s new Galileo development board, we created Lyt, an interactive ambient light fixture that debuted at Maker Faire Rome 2013. Daniel Meyers, Creative Director, Environments, shares his thoughts on this lab effort, while Interactive Developer Philippe Laulheret provides a technical view of the making process.

Balancing Spectacle with the Everyday

At the core of everything we create is our desire to engage, enchant, and inspire audiences. Senior Experience Designers Traci Sym and Norman Lau consider the best approaches to UX, reflecting on the importance of listening and how to balance spectacle with the everyday.

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