For a week in October 2014, Second Story partnered with curators at the Goat Farm Arts Center to transform a Dumpster into public art. The installation lured passersby into an ongoing narrative about the disposability of modern messaging and explored new manifestations for social media.

At their flagship Avalon store, Whole Foods Market is closing the gap between farm and table. Whole Foods’ customers want to know where their food comes from—and they care about what happens to it along the way. In each store, there is a visible effort to connect shoppers to the real people who provide the food they eat. Sure, they can read about the local farmers, fishers & ranchers, who stock the shelves. But what if we could enable a more human connection? We built the café wall to do just that. Farm, meet table.

At their flagship Avalon store, Whole Foods Market is finding new ways to share it’s values. Customers need information to make meaningful choices about what they decide to buy and support. And every store visit is seen as an opportunity to meet this need through education.

Every day at Whole Foods’ Avalon is proof that a store can be more than products on a shelf.

Using science as a lens of discovery, the Learning to See exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens combines innovative technology and a variety of media to create a self-guided, exploratory experience. This permanent exhibit in the Garden’s new Science Pyramid invites visitors to look more closely at the world around them to uncover the complexity of the web of life and the part that plants play in our ecosystems.

An interactive art experience at the World of Coca-Cola transforms everyday visitors into expert artists by helping them “paint” their own brand-centric masterpiece.